"This is me. I think it's apparent that I need to rethink my life. What's my problem? well, First of all... I'm a rat."
-Reme, Ratatouille
Hello Friends,
I'm a Portland based solo guitarist with a simple love for playing my heart out.
I love the way music can move the soul and stir the heart.
If what I put out there can do for a few what it does for me... mission accomplished.

Curtis “CJ” Hawley blends instrumental acoustic guitar techniques with experimental loops and effects. Originally hailing from the Bay Area, he’s graced some of Portland’s greatest music haunts such as: White Eagle Saloon, McMenamins Al’s Den, and the Firkin Tavern. His playing style has sparked comparisons to Dave Matthews with adept finger-picking technique reminiscent of Andy McKee. His debut EP, “Roots,” was released February 18, 2018, and is a collection of ambient instrumentals for moments of quiet contemplation.