Day Break Release 
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Hey guys!


CJ Here.


Along with the release of the new song ‘Day Break’, I wanted to share with you a little about why I’m doing this.

The reason I started writing and putting in serious practice time from the beginning was an act of strength and defiance against hardship and unpleasant surprises. In short, diving deep into music was an alternative to heavy drinking among other self destructive choices..


It’s been a challenge to find a theme or message behind the songs I write. There are no lyrics and the melodies and arrangements usually come to me as I’m fishing for new ideas and exploring the guitar.

But as I look back, I can clearly see how the songs reflect what I was feeling or working through at the time. I’ve been putting a strong focus on personal growth since I started writing, and really, I've found that the two go hand in hand beautifully.


My first song and EP Titled “Roots” came together during a time that I was intentionally getting out there, daring to show up and be seen, putting myself in front of people musically and socially and literally putting down ‘roots’ in this vibrant musical community in Portland OR..

It’s been inspiring beyond words to be surrounded by such driven, whole-hearted and talented people.


This next chapter goes beyond putting down roots and moves into breaking through and beginning to flourish. This also heavily reflects my internal journey at the moment.

“Day Break” comes from a place of letting these ideas and notions of improvement and self work settle in to the point where they really start shining through. Where intention, vision and fantasy start to bloom into reality…. Day break.


~Why am I doing this?~


I believe an artists role in society, is to simply express. To put into words, sounds or colors what so many of us are feeling but can’t or haven't found the time or energy to express. Our job is to help people get in touch with the deepest parts of themselves by putting the work, heart and creativity into something that takes them there. To be the voice and the realization of what we all feel so deeply.


I’m like you. I feel longing, loss, desire for love and acceptance, pain, helplessness, fear, doubt, regret… but also, inspiration, love, belonging, motivation, hope, connection, strength, trust, resolve, drive, and clarity.

I want the art I put out there to deeply resonate with hearts and souls and to invoke a deep sense of self love, connection and belonging. I want these notes to remind us that we are all hurting and desire to be seen loved and admired, and to challenge people to be brave and reach out for love by giving it liberally.


~How do I do this?~


I figure, the best place to start is with simple truth and vulnerability.

I look at those around me and don’t feel like anything special. I wonder if my art is worth sharing with you. While I see greatness in others, it’s more difficult to see in myself.

But what I do know is that I am one of us. I am here, worthy of being here and sharing my story and heart just as much as anyone else, and so are you.

My hope is that by striving to live my best life and investing my time and effort into what truly matters most to me, that others will be inspired to do that same.


I’ve been placed in charge of this one person for all of time and history… me. And it’s my job to lead this person into his best, most meaningful life.

My snags, set backs, downward spirals, failures and losses are all a crucial part of this. Even as I write this I’m fighting thoughts of inadequacy for putting myself on display in any kind of meaningful way. I struggle with staying motivated and worry that I’ll let myself and others down (I only say this because i know you can relate). But that’s the point. I will not be the “best” out there. But I am one of us and have a story with wins and losses, pains, failures, and breakthroughs...

So here I am world! I’m here to make some music, share my heart and hopefully bring some sense of love and belonging to the world.

This is what I have to give, so here it is!


Please enjoy my latest release Daybreak available now on all online platforms.

As you listen, hold in your mind a current personal challenge. Imagine those qualities one would need to overcome it settling in and becoming a solid part of who you are and slowly but surely...

coming to fruition. That’s what it means to me, and I hope it resonates with you in the same way and helps these things become real.

All my love



PS Huge thanks to Salvatore Manalo for recording and producing this, and to Kirsten Muir with Danadyland for the Cover art!

If you'd like to support future music projects, head over to bandcamp and pay what you like!


Or head over to my music page to see on all major platforms!

PDX Airport Musicians Circuit

I'm thrilled to announce that i have joined the PDX Musician Team at Portland International Airport! I'll be playing weekly. Hope to see you there in your travels!

Yoga + Beer + Music

I had a great time providing some music for these beautiful people.

I've been a student at Yoga+Beer for about a year now and I was ecstatic to have the opportunity to provide some ambiance for the class. Thanks to Mikki Trowbridge for the opportunity!

“CJ accompanied a yoga class that I taught in a local brewery. The calmness and ambiance that his music provided were the perfect complement to a relaxing practice. Yogis commented that he did a wonderful job and I would definitely have him do it again!”

-Jana Leigh Bedard, Instructor


To learn more about Yoga+Beer, check them out at

Vortex Mag & Rye Room Sessions

Check out this article in Vortex Magazine featuring a video of my original tune "Collision" recorded at The Rye Room studio here in Portland as well as an interview with yours truly!

Special Thanks to Matt Greco (Rye Room) and Kelsey Greco (Vortex) for making this happen.